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Trousseau Edit

 In Indian customs, a trousseau holds immense significance, representing a bride's preparation for her married life. It's a collection of clothing, jewelry, personal items, and sometimes household goods that the bride brings into her new marital home. The trousseau symbolizes a family's love and care for the bride as she embarks on this new chapter.

This collection is meticulously curated for the contemporary bride who values timeless clothing, which she'll joyfully pass down to the next generation.

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Blush Gauhar OdhaniBlush Gauhar Odhani
Blush Gauhar Odhani Sale priceRs. 9,190.00
Black Velvet IzaarsBlack Velvet Izaars
Black Velvet Izaars Sale priceRs. 10,643.00
Beige Aisha Jaal OdhaniBeige Aisha Jaal Odhani
Beige Aisha Jaal Odhani Sale priceRs. 13,500.00
Blush Baadal Kurta SetBlush Baadal Kurta Set
Blush Baadal Kurta Set Sale priceRs. 14,000.00
Magenta Chaand OdhaniMagenta Chaand Odhani
Magenta Chaand Odhani Sale priceRs. 9,000.00
Farah Kurta Set - Rani Pink
Farah Kurta Set - Rani Pink Sale priceRs. 13,800.00
Yellow Manorma SareeYellow Manorma Saree
Yellow Manorma Saree Sale priceRs. 25,500.00
Inaara Tissue Saree & Blouse (Set of 2)Inaara Tissue Saree & Blouse (Set of 2)
Brown Tara Kurta SetBrown Tara Kurta Set
Brown Tara Kurta Set Sale priceRs. 21,500.00
Maroon Nayab Gharara (set of 2)Maroon Nayab Gharara (set of 2)
Maroon Nayab Gharara (set of 2) Sale priceRs. 15,500.00
Emerald Masuma Velvet SadriEmerald Masuma Velvet Sadri
Emerald Masuma Velvet Sadri Sale priceRs. 19,982.00
Emerald Sajida Jama  (set of 2)Emerald Sajida Jama  (set of 2)
Emerald Sajida Jama (set of 2) Sale priceRs. 16,500.00
Brown Suniti Kurta SetBrown Suniti Kurta Set
Brown Suniti Kurta Set Sale priceRs. 15,500.00
Red Hamida Jaal OdhaniRed Hamida Jaal Odhani
Red Hamida Jaal Odhani Sale priceRs. 15,500.00
Honey Mustard Angarkha (set of 2)Honey Mustard Angarkha (set of 2)
Honey Mustard Angarkha (set of 2) Sale priceRs. 14,000.00
Teal Kashi Kurta SetTeal Kashi Kurta Set
Teal Kashi Kurta Set Sale priceRs. 15,500.00
Gulbadan Tissue OdhaniGulbadan Tissue Odhani
Gulbadan Tissue Odhani Sale priceRs. 7,500.00
Maroon Noorah Velvet Kurta Set (set of 2)Maroon Noorah Velvet Kurta Set (set of 2)
Ivory Rukmini Kurta SetIvory Rukmini Kurta Set
Ivory Rukmini Kurta Set Sale priceRs. 13,500.00
Magenta Adi Bel OdhaniMagenta Adi Bel Odhani
Magenta Adi Bel Odhani Sale priceRs. 7,850.00
Olive Chand OdhaniOlive Chand Odhani
Olive Chand Odhani Sale priceRs. 6,173.00
Olive Jodha SetOlive Jodha Set
Olive Jodha Set Sale priceRs. 27,500.00